New Arrivals RSS feed for public list New Arrivals VEGETATION LOSS IN RURAL SETTLEMENTS: by KIUNSI,R.B. Collaborative Protected Area Management: by Gaesing, Karin.- (Editor).- Social Structure and Rural Development in the Third World/ by Berger, Guy.- Power and Choice: by Shivley, Phillips.- Democratic Transition in East Africa/ by REDET.- Refrections on the First Decade of Multi-Part Politics in Tanzania/ by Msekwa, P.- Economics by SAMUELSON, Paul A. Managerial Economics: by Trivedi, M.L.- Economics: by McConnell, Campbell.- Managerial Economics and Business Strategy by BAYE, Michael R. Economics for Today's World/ by Tucker, Irwin.- Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts/ by Edmonds, Thomas.- Lesikar's Business Communication: by Rentz, Kathryn.- Reconciling Rural Livelihood and Biodiversity Conservation: by Gaesing, Karin.- (Editor).- Promoting Sustainable Urban Development in Palestinian Cities: by Shaheen, Lubna.- How Decentralization and Governance Shape Local Planning Practice: by Heinrichs, Dirk.- ENVIRONMENTAL LAW HANDBOOK: by LAWYER'S ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION TEAM. OCR Information Communication and Technology by STEVE,Cushing Understanding Computers by MORLEY, Debora, Longhorn Secondary Computer studies form 3 by MBURU ,Stephen Doing Qualitative Research: by Silverman, David.- Research Methods for Social Work/ by Rubin, Allen.- Applying Ethics: by Olen Jeffrey.- Group Dynamics/ by Forsyth, Donelson.- Human Behavior in the Social Environment/ by Rogers, Anissa.- Young People and the Social Change: by Furlong, Andy.- Social Theory, Social Policy and Ageing; by Estes, Carrol.- Economy, Culture and Society: by Smart, Barry.- Economics by SAMUELSON, Paul A.